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Monday, May 20, 2019

About Us

CocoDrama.com | About Us with Zuraida Jardine

The TUMMY TUCKER® has been developed from my personal experience and created for you from those experiences.

When I was pregnant with my first child in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by the hype of Hollywood mom’s who seemed to simply get their postpartum bodies and tummy’s back into shape in no time at all. I wanted to be one of these moms. I wanted to feel as beautiful as it felt being a mom. The secret of course is tummy binding (always in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise).

Before giving birth I went out and purchased my first tummy binder and took it along to the hospital to wear after the birth of my daughter. Whilst the belt definitely assisted in shrinking my tummy fast, I had many issues with the technicalities and fabric of the belt.

Firstly, it was not user friendly… Every time I wore the belt I had to call my husband to assist me with closing it. We needed 4 hands to wrap me into it. The belt would also not stay in place on my body; I was constantly re adjusting it, as it rode up under my clothing.I also did not appreciate that I had to buy 2 belts in different sizes to accommodate for my shrinking tummy. And because the belt was being worn so often, it needed to be breathable for my skin; the one I was using was not.

All in all it was a positive experience, as it inspired me make a better, more user friendly and effective belt. I excitedly came back to South Africa and partnered up with the reputable MEDAC Company.  MEDAC prides itself on being internationally renowned for its design, manufacturing and marketing of the best compression braces on the market. It was important for me to get involved with a company that had medical integrity.

I wanted a belt that would show results, be easy to use, be comfortable, improve on what the other belts offered, and one I could fully endorse and share with other mothers.

After more than a year of design changes and improvements, I am very proud to introduce the TUMMY TUCKER®.

A TRULY unique belt on the market. You just have to get one! Our belt has the unique concept of being able to adjust with your shrinking tummy. It’s also breathable. It is made with the highest quality fabrics and workmanship.


I hope that you will enjoy using the TUMMY TUCKER® as much as we enjoyed making it perfect for you.